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SHIFR : 46914The letters of magazines, newspapers editorial officers and the publishing houses: "Tovarisch" ("Comrade"), "Voprosy Zhizni" ("Questions of the Life"), "Vechernyaya Pochta" ("Evening Mail"), "Golos Zhizni" ("Voice of the Life"), "Zolotoye Runo" ("The Golden Fleece"), "Zhurnal Dlya Vsekh" ("Magazine for All"), "Detskoye Chteniye" ("Child's Reading"), "Krasnye Zori" ("Red Dawns"), "Vestnik Yevropy" ("Gazette of the Europe") and other about publication of the works.
SHIFR : 46915The letter of the office of the Demidov Juridic Lyceum about the admission to the exams.
SHIFR : 46916The letters about money payment concerning the "Severny Kray" ("North Region") newspaper; the bond of guardianship about the debt of the "Severny Kray" ("North Region") newspaper editorial office to V. A. Smirnov and the power of attorney handed by him to Fyodor Fyodorovich Bakakin for conducting this case. 3 letters, 5 sheets.
SHIFR : 46918The letter of the Labour Office at the Periodical Press Figures Society with the announcement about the time of the Office conference.
SHIFR : 469113The letters of the Moscow regional Arbitral Commission with the invitation to the Commission conferences.