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SHIFR : 1133L.N. Andreyev. "Bunt na korable" (“The Mutiny”). The story.
SHIFR : 1135L.N. Andreyev. "Starukhi. (Stsenka iz sudebnoy zhizni)" (“Old Women. (A Sketch from the judicial life)”).
August, 12th 1905
SHIFR : 1311A.A. Akhmatova. "Seroglazy korol" (“The grey-eyed king”), "Ya smertelna dlya tekh, kto nezhen I yun..." (“I am mortal for those who are loving and young…”). The poems.
December, 7th - 11th 1910
SHIFR : 1312A.A. Akhmatova. "Segodnya nochyu" (“Today at night”) = "Dvoinik" (”The Double”) ("Tri raza pytat prikhodila..." (“Came to torture three times…”)), "Shelestit o proshlom stary dub..." (“The old oak is rustling about the past…”). The poems.
February, 16th 1911
SHIFR : 1313A.A. Akhmatova. "Snova so mnoi ty, o malchik-igrushka..." (“You are with me again, oh, the boy-toy…”), "Kukushka" (“The Cuckoo”) ("Ya zhivu kak kukushka v chasakh..." (“I live like cuckoo in the watch…”)). The poems.
March, 7th 1911
SHIFR : 1314A.A. Akhmatova. "Tsely den provela u okoshka..." (“Whole day spent at the window…”). The poem.
June-August 1911
SHIFR : 1315A.A. Akhmatova. "Menya pokinul v novolunye..." (“I was left at the new moon…”), "Khoroni, khoroni menya veter..." (“Bury, bury me, the wind…”). The poems.
September - November 1911
SHIFR : 1316A.A. Akhmatova. "Mne s toboyu pyanym veselo..." (“I am merry with you drunk… ”). The poem.
SHIFR : 1318A.A. Akhmatova. "Tumanom lyogkim park napolnilsya..." (“The park was filled with the light fog…”). The poem dedicated to V. Ivanova-Shvarsalon.
SHIFR : 1319A.A. Akhmatova. "Ty prishyol menya uteshit, mily..." (“You came to calm me down, darling…”), "Slab golos moy..." (“My voice is weak…”), "Bisernym pocherkom pishite, Lize!.." (“Wright in minute handwriting, Lize!...”), "Venetsiya" (“Venice”). The poems.
1912 - spring 1913
SHIFR : 4411I.A. Bunin. "Vzoidi, o noch, na gorniy svoy prestol" (“Oh, the Night, take your mountain throne ”), "Yedem borom chyornym I lesami" (“Ridng through dark wood and forests”), "Khristos" (“Christ”). The poems.
SHIFR : 4412I.A. Bunin. "V odnoy rubashke" (“Only With a Shirt On”). The poem. With the dedication to N.F. Bernet.
June, 14th 1918
SHIFR : 4414I.A. Bunin. "Vchera v stepi ya slyshal..." (“Yesterday I heard in the steppe… ”). The poem.
SHIFR : 4419I.A. Bunin. "Koldun" (“The wizard”). Poem.
May, 25th 1909
SHIFR : 4668The letters of Pyotr Aleksandrovich Rumyantsev-Zadunaysky to A.A. Prozorovsky. The copies of reports and letters were enclosed.
March, 29th - November, 8 1796
SHIFR : 5349The letter of Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin to Andrey Bely with the recommendation to P. A. Kuzko.
SHIFR : 5361Andrey Bely. "Solntse" ("Sun"), "Iz razdvinutykh ramok..." ("From the scopes drawn..."). The poems.
SHIFR : 5523A. A. Blok. "Ty zhil odin. Druzey ty ne iskal..." ("You lived alone. You didn't search for friends..."). The poem. The envelope with the record of L. P. Grossman was added.
[August, 26th 1914]
SHIFR : 5531A. A. Blok. "I snova podkhozhu k oknu..." ("And again I come up to the window..."). The poem.
[October, 26th 1903]