Item. Thematic Index - Гражданская война и иностранная военная интервенция

SHIFR : 37717“Sovetskaya repka – sidit krepko” ("The Soviet Turnip Is Hard To Pull Out"), “Na bivake” ("At the Bivouac"), “Manifest barona fon-Vrangelya” ("Baron Von Vrangel’s Manifesto"), “Sovety “chistye”, gde kommunistov net” ("The Soviets without Communists Are “Clean” "), “My s bespartiynymi okhotno ischem vstrechi…” ("We’re So Very Eager To Meet the Non-party men…"), “Tochnaya kopiya s odnogo Prokopiya” ("A Twin of Some Prokopiy"). Posters, leaflets with verses.
SHIFR : 336781"Ostanovis', tovarisch!" (" Stop, comrade! "). The leaflet of the VTSIK’s (All-Union Central Executive Committee) publishing house’s Military department with an appeal to subscribe for the newspaper "Krasnaya Armiya" (" Red Army ").
SHIFR : 377166Vasily Nikolayevich Petrov's letter. Memoirs about battles on the Crimean Isthmus are enclosed.
SHIFR : 377233V. Belousov - Dolin. "19-y God" ("Year 1919"). Poem.
SHIFR : 531321The certificates handed to B. N. Bugayev (A. Bely) at the question of his military service.
SHIFR : 1692239Notice about benefits for officer's wives made by B. A. Pilnyak.
SHIFR : 5621176"Okolo Ozera Urmi" ("Near Urmia Lake"), "Vospominaniya ob Irane" ("The Memoirs about Iran"). The essay and notes.
SHIFR : 11252517Diary. “Moya zhizn’ v 1918 –1919 gg.” ("My Life in 1918 - 1919"). Notebook No.10.