1835 Livlyand (Runena), Latvia - 1938 Moscow; 1913 - 1915 he studied at the Riga art school; 1915 - 1917 he studied at drawing school of the Artists Encouragement Society in Petersburg. In 1917 he participated in the February revolution. After the October revolution he joined to the Red army in structure of 9th shooting Latvian regiment. In 1918 he moved to Moscow. From 1918 to 1919 he studied in private studios, in SvoMas (Free State Art Studios) at I. Mashkov and K. Korovin; from 1919 to 1921 - in VKHUTEMAS at K. Malevich and A. Pevzner. From 1923 to 1928 joined to LEF. From 1928 to 1932 he was member - founder of the group "October". From 1923 to 1932 he was a member and vice-president of the Revolutionary Poster Artists Association. From 1920 to 1930 he was organizer and designer of all-Union and international exhibitions. He taught in VHUTEMAS, Polygraphic institute; he worked in section of art and linguistic of Communistic Academy. In 1938 he was arrested and shooted. 3rd exhibition “Artists - illustrators of books by V. Mayakovsky” in 1961 1920 – of "UNOVIS" group 1922 - The first Russian art exhibition in Berlin
A ballet master; from 1919 to 1938 he worked at the Leningrad Kirov Theatre of Opera and Ballet, in 1942 - 1956 - he worked at the Bolshoi Theatre; the Honoured artist of RSFSR
A historian of east culture, translator; pofessor of the Petersburg University and the Petersburg Archeology Institute
A historian of the literature, ethnographer, specialist in folklore; professor of Kharkov University
a historian of the Russian literature and publicist; participant of the collection "Vekhi" ( “Landmarks”) collection; an employee of the magazine “Russian idea” and the newspaper “Russian registers”
A philologist, historian of the literature and art; professor of the Moscow University; the Academician
A writer and an artist; employee of the “Russian word” newspaper, the magazines “Newness”, “Native word” and others, a member of the Moscow Literary and Art Club
A writer, employee of newspapers “Star” and “Truth”; after October revolution - the participant of the proletarian literary organizations