The collection contains photographs of figures of arts, basically actors, programs and posters of musical theatres of Moscow, Leningrad and other cities. It was collected by Arseny Aleksandrovich Ilyin (1911 - 1970) - theatre specialist, musicologist, bibliographer.
Collection of shots from films of pre-revolutionary and Soviet cinematography; it was collected by cameraman Aleksandra Petrovna Orlova; it has arrived in TSGALI in 1949.
The collection contains printed cuttings with the works of writers published in foreign press. It was collected by Aleksandr Grigoryevich Savchenko (1883 - 1970) - journalist.
It was collected by poet Aleksandr Ivanovich Tinyakov (1886 - 1934); contains the manuscripts of writers his contemporary; it has arrived in TSGALI from the State literary museum in 1941.