Fund Number : 903
Title : Khruslov E.M.
Annotation :
Diary of E.M.Khruslov with mentions about meetings with A.E.Arhipov, V.D.Polenov, P.M.Tretyakov and others (1888 - 1889). Letters to E.M. Khruslov from: A.E.Arhipov (1894), V.N.Baksheyev (without date), N.G.Bogdanov (without date), N.P. Bogdanov-Belsky (without date), N.K.Bodarevsky (1890), P.A.Bryullov (1892), E.E.Volkov (without date), N.N.Ge (1893). N.N.Dubovsky (without date), I.I.Yendogurov (without date), D.I.Ilovaysky (1898), N.A.Kasatkin (without date), S.Y.Kishinevsky (1894), S.A.Korovin (without date), N.D.Kuznetsov (1892), K.Y.Kryzhitsky (1892), I.I.Levitan (without date), P.A.Levchenko (without date), K.V.Lemokh (1890), V.M.Maksimov (1890), G.G.Myasoyedov (without date), N. V. Nevrev (1892), M. V. Nesterov (1891), N.V.Orlov (1894), L. O. Pasternak (1893), L. V. Pozen (1893), V. D. Polenov (without date), E. D. Polenova (1892), I.E.Repin (1890), K.A.Savitsky (1892), V.A.Serov (without date), N.P.Sobko (1893), A.S.Stepanov (without date), P.M.Tretyakov 2 (1892, 1894), A.N.Shilder 4 (1892 and without date), I.I.Shishkin (1891) and others. There are 60 correspondents. Materials about E.M. Khruslov's work on the organization of traveling exhibitions: letters of representatives of city administrations to E.M. Khruslov about premises for exhibitions, conditions for reception of pictures for exhibitions, a cutting from newspapers about opening of exhibitions, catalogues of the 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th exhibitions, notebooks of E.M. Khruslov: "The 27th traveling exhibition in 1898 " and others (1889 - 1901); list of pictures of Tretyakov's gallery, compiled by E.M. Khruslov - " Works which were arrived after reception of gallery under the catalogue of the 10-th edition " (1902). The charter of the Society for Traveling Art Exhibitions (1881). Photographs of E.M. Khruslov 7 (without date).
Dates : 1869 - 1912 гг.
Fund Type : personal funds
Quantity of Items : 94
SITENAME : st. 903 Khruslov E.M.