Fund Number : 827
Title : Pereplyotchikov V. V.
Annotation :
The pictures by V. V. Pereplyotchikov: the sketches of landscapes made in the notebooks (2) - pencil, sepia 116 (1891, 1899). The manuscripts of V. V. Pereplyotchikov: "Novaya Zemlya" ("New Land") - collection of poems (1913), the poems (1900 - 1914); the stories: "Neizvestny" ("Unknown") (1905), "Vstrechi" ("Meetings") (n.d.), the literary drafts and plans of stories (1911 - 1915); "O Putyakh Khudozhestvennogo Tvorchestva" ("About Ways of the Artistic Creative Work") - article (n.d.); the diaries (16) with records about his work, about meetings with painters and writers, about artistic exhibitions, with pencil sketches (1886 - 1915). There are about 30 manuscripts. The notebooks of V. V. Pereplyotchikov with extracts from the read books and poems, notes about exhibitions, formulae of the canvas claircole and other 13 (1894 - 1914). The letters to V. V. Pereplyotchikov from: I. A. Bunin (1914), Y. S. Kruglikova (1903), V. F. Lebedev (1913), F. A. Malyavin (1915), Y. D. Polenova (n.d.), N. D. Teleshov (1912), P. M. Tretyakov (1896), A. I. Ertel 2 (1894, 1897) and others. There are 11 correspondents. The poems dedicated to V. V. Pereplyotchikov of: K. D. Balmont (1894) and T. L. Schepkina - Kupernik (n.d.). The metric certificate of V. V. Pereplyotchikov (1863), the diploma of the Orlovsky fine arts society (1912), the letters to V. V. Pereplyotchikov from the Literary and Artistic circle 2 (1910, 1914) and the Moscow arts lovers society (1894). The photographs of V. V. Pereplyotchikov, individual ones and in the group with A. M. Vasnetsov, S. V. Ivanov and other 3 (1901 and n.d.).
Dates : 1863 - 1916 гг.
Quantity of Items : 64