Fund Number : 2650
Title : Perelman V. N.(1892-1967), an artist
Annotation :
Inventory 1. 1907 - 1966. The pictures by V. N. Perelman. The women's and men's figures (1922 - 1941), the portrait of his wife (1923), the Red Navy men (1926), "Poema ob Ugle" ("The poem about Coal") (1934), V. I. Lenin in the exile [the 1930-ies], V. V. Mayakovsky at the "Okna Rosta" ("Windows of Development") (1954), the self-portrait [the 1950-ies], the still life with flowers (1960). There are 49 pictures. The manuscripts of V. N. Perelman. The articles: "Ot Peredvizhnichestva k Geroicheskomu Realizmu" ("From Peredvizhnichestvo to the Heroic Realism") (1924), "Izoiskusstvo k X Godovschine Oktyabrya" ("Painting Art for the October X Anniversary") (1927), "Ot Izobrazheniya k Vyrazheniyu" ("From the Depiction to the Expression") (1929), "AKRR na Povorote" ("The AKRR on the Turning") (1930), "Krasnaya Armiya v Khudozhestvennykh Proizvedeniyakh" ("The Red Army in the Artistic Works") (1934), "Pochyotny Ekzamen" ("The Honoured Exam") - about the "Industriya Sotsializma" ("Industry of the Socialism") exhibition (1939), "Vystavka Khudozhnika V. F. Tochilkina" ("Exhibition of Painter V. F. Tochilkin") (1939), "Khudozhnik V. I. Kashkin" ("Painter V. I. Kashkin") (1941), "Soratnik F. E. Dzerzhinskogo" ("Team-Mate of F. E. Dzerzhinsky") - about I. S. Unshlikht (1964); the speeches: at the AKRR primitives' meeting (1929), at the 2nd plenum of the council of Space Atrs Workers Federation (1931), at the creative event of P. A. Radimov (1933), about S. V. Ryangina (1955); the memoirs about I. I. Brodsky (1959); the autobiographic records (1920 - 1940). There are 45 manuscripts. The letters of V. N. Perelman to: A. A. Sidorov (1962), Y. M. Yaroslavsky (1939) and others. There are 6 addressees. The letters to V. N. Perelman from: O. M. Beskin (1933), N. K. Verzhbitsky (1959), L. N. Veselovsky (1933), A. A. Volter (1932), N. A. Zakhvatkin 3 (1963), B. A. Zenkevich 6 (1937 - 1964), Y. Y. Kalinichenko (1931), Y. A. Katsman 6 (1936 - 1957), B. D. Korolyov (1951), I. V. Kosmin (1957), P. I. Lebedev (1955), A. M. Nyurenberg 24 (1928 - 1959), I. N. Pavlov [the 1930-ies], S. V. Ryangina (1932), A. A. Sidorov (1962), A. N. Tikhomirov 3 (1931 - [the 1930-ies]), Y. M. Cheptsov 2 [1930-ies], K. F. Yuon [1932] and others. There are 51 correspondents. Materials of V. N. Perelman's activity in the AKR and the AKRR: the projects of declarations and decrees, the regulations, the reports of meetings, conferences of the presidium, editorial board, exhibitional committees (1923 - 1932); the agreements and correspondence of V. N. Perelman with publishing houses and artistic organizations (1927 - 1961), materials about activity in the FOSK (1930 - 1932), the MOSSK (1932 - 1941) and in the Novo-Abramtsevsky creative Painters' collective (1933 - 1963), the plan of the exhibition "Krasnaya Armiya v Khudozhestvennykh Proizvedeniyakh" ("The Red Army in the Artistic Works") [1933]; materials about activity in the "Industriya Sotsializma" ("Industry of the Socialism") exhibition committee (1935 - 1936), in the USSR Artistic Fund board: the projects, regulations, reports of the board meetings, the plan of work (1956 - 1966). The catalogues and booklets of the AKRR exhibitions (1924 - 1927) and of V. N. Perelman's personal exhibition (1935); the articles and reviews about V. N. Perelman - newspaper cuttings (1928 - 1935). Manuscripts. V. V. Zavyalov - autobiography (1956), Y. O. Leschinskaya - speech about work of the MOSSK leaders at the Central Committee Rabis Union painters' meeting - typewritten sheets (1937), K. S. Malevich - "O Novykh Sistemakh v Iskusstve" ("About New Systems in the Art") - article, hectometer (1919), N. P. Okhlopkov - speech at the discussion of the "Put Entuziastov" ("The Way of Enthusiasts") his film (1930), A. A. Chernyshevskaya - Lebedeva - the memoirs about N. G. Chernyshevsky [1938 - 1939]. The letters: of A. Barbusse to G. A. Kozlov, typewritten copy (1927), of A. M. Gorky to A. V. Lunacharsky (1921), of V. V. Zhuravlyovto the MOSSK secretariat (1933), of A. M. Nyurenberg to P. Y. Kiselyov (1928) and Y. V. Lobanova 4 (1928), of P. P. Chistyakov to I. P. Stepashkin, typewritten copy (1914), of M. L. Shafran to Y. A. Katsman (1923). The shorthand record of discussion about the Primitives' Society 4th exhibition (1931). The portraits of V. N. Perelman - pictures by B. N. Popov, V. M. Sidorov and other 4 (1930 - 1959). The photographs of V. N. Perelman 6 ([the 1910-ies] - 1953). The photograph of Y. A. Katsman and P. A. Radimov [the 1920-ies]. The pictures: N. V. Golovin - silhouette of V. I. Lenin (1924), A. M. Nyurenberg - landscape, men's figures 3 (1943 - 1952); N. V. Golovin, B. I. Prorokov and other - pictures and caricatures for the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" ("The Komsomol Truth") newspaper - newspaper cuttings in the album (1928 - 1929). Dedication of F.S. Bogorodsky to V.N. Perelman in the book (1939). Inventory 2. 1905-1985. Drawings of V.N. Perelman. Sketches of fairy tale characters, landscapes, architectural monuments and others. 19 (1919-[the 1920s]). Manuscripts of V.N. Perelman. Essays and brief articles: "Zhizn I tvorchestvo khudozhnika I.I. Mashkova" ("The Life and Creative Work of the Artist I.I. Mashkov"), "Ilya Mashkov" (1929, 1956), "Khudozhnik pravdi" ("The Artist of the Truth" (about Ye.A. Katsman), 1933), "A.Ye. Arkhipov (His Life and Creative Work)", [the 1930s]; articles: "About General Problems of Amateur Fine Arts" "The October Revolution and Fine Arts", "From the Movement of the Society for Travelling Art Exhibitions to the Movement of the Heroic Realism" , "The Problem of the Realism as the Creative Method" and others ([1919]-1965); "In the Fight for Realism in Art. (The Way of the Soviet Artists)" - memoirs (1961-1962); autobiographies 3 [1934] and others. 64 memoirs in all. Diary notes of V.N. Perelman (1925). Letters of V.N. Perelman to: I.E. Grabar [the 1950s], Yu.V. Lobanova 12 (1917-1932), Ye.P. Perelman - the wife 12 (1929-1951), A.N. Tikhomirov (1959) and others. 13 letters in all. . Letters to V.N. Perelman from: F.S. Bogorodsky 9 (1928-1942), I.I. Brodsky 2 (1933), A.M. Gerasimov - with the simultaneous address to Ye.A. Katsman (1934), I.E. Grabar (1942), A.V. Grigoryev 8 (1926-[the 1950s]), B.A. Zenkevich 4 (1937-1947), Ye.A. Katsman 35 (1923-1954), I.I. Mashkov (1933), N.A. Pavlovich 13 (1927-[the 1950s]), Ye.P. Perelman 46 (1920-1949), N.E. Radlov (1933), A.N. Tikhomirov 15 (1927-1967) and others. 146 letters in all. Catalogues and posters of exhibitions with the participations of V.N. Perelman (1915-1962); identity cards, permits given to V.N. Perelman (1918-1966); documents concerned the work in AKhRR, AKhR, ([1922]-1934), OKhS at AKhRR (1927-1929), the Moscow Unity of Soviet Artists (MOSSKh) (1933-1963), in the Art Funds of the USSR and RSFSR (1957-[1965]); the correspondence with the editors of magazines, publishing houses, museums and others (1923-1967); agreements (1930-1965); diplomas, thank letters and addresses (1932-1967). Articleabout V.N. Perelman and with mentions about him - typewritten, printed cuttings, print collotypes (1922-1963). Documents of Ye.P. Perelman ([the 1920s]-1967). Letters to Yu.V. Lobanova from: F.S. Bogorodsky 13 (1928-1937), I.I. Brodsky 2 (1925, 1937), V.K. Byalynitsky-Birul 3 (1937), A.M. Gerasimov 2 (1930), B.A. Zenkevich 10 (1930-1937), B.V. Ioganson 5 (1929-1939), K.S. Petrov-Vodkin [the 1930s], P.A. Radimov 2 (1928, [the 1930s]), P.P. Sokolov-Skal 9 [1928-1930-e], A.N. Tikhomirov 8 ([1927]-1935), N.K. Shvede-Radlova (1934), G.M. Shegal (1935), B.N. Yakovlev [1928]. Manuscripts. The record of V.N. Baksheyev's conversation with Ye.A. Katsman (1958), V.K. Byalynitsky-Birulya's article "My Way for the Industrialization" [the 1930s], I.E. Grabar's article "The Art in Captivity" (1929), A.N. Tikhomirov "Gustav Kurbe. His Life and Creative Work" - a monograph [the 1930s]; articles about AKhRR by: S.M. Gorodetsky, B.A. Zenkevich, Ye.A. Katsman, V.P. Knyazeva, V.M. Lobanov, S.A. Rodov and others - authors' ones, typewritte, newspaper cuttings [the 1920s - the 1950s]. Letters : F.S. Bogorodsky's one to F.S. Amstislavsky (1936), A.V. Grigoryev's one to A.N. Tikhomirov (1957), V.P. Knyazeva's one to Ye.A. Katsman 5 (1955), N.A. Peshkova's one to F.S. Bogorodsky (1931). Catalogues of: the Moscow City Art Gallery of P. and S. Tretyakov (1912), exhibitions: the art association of AKhRR, "Jack of Diamonds", "The Being", MAKhD, NOZh, OKhS at AKhRR (1922-1933), V.M. Vasnetsov, O.G. Vereysky, Ye.A. Katsman, P.P. Kanchalovsky, K.A. Korovin, A.V. Kuprin, A.V. Lentulov, S.B. Nikritin, A.M. Nyurenberg, P.D. Pokarzhevsky, Z.Ye. Serebryakova, M.K. Churlyenis and others (1925-1965). Photographes of V.N. Perelman, individual ones and in groups with V.N. Baksheyev, F.S. Bogorodsky, S.M. Budyenny, K.Ye. Voroshilov, A.M. Gerasimov, I.E. Grabar, Ye.A. Katsman, I.I. Mashkov, P.A. Radimov, A.N. Tikhomirov, K.F. Yuon and others, 81 (1913-[the 1960-e]). Photographes of: F.S. Bogorodsky, individual ones and in groups with Ye.A. Katsman and others, 6 (1932-[the 1940s]), A.S. Bubnov 3 [the 1930s], K.Ye. Voroshilov 2 [the 1930s], I.E. Grabar in a group, 2 [the 1940s], M.I. Kalinin [the 1920s -the 1930s], S.M. Kirov in a Group [the 1920s], I.I. Mashkov, individual ones and in the group with F.K. Lekht and others , 3 (1905-[the 1920s]), V.V. Mayakovsky (1930), P.A. Radimov, individual one and in groups with Ye.A. Katsman and others, 4 (1926-[the 1930s]). Drawings of: F.S. Bogorodsky, D.B. Daran, A.A. Deyneka, B.A. Zenkevich, P.P. Sokolov-Skal and others [the 1920s - the 1930s].
Dates : 1907 - 1966 гг.
Quantity of Items : 884