Fund Number : 2717
Title : Nikritin, Solomon Borisovich (1898-1965) - painter
Annotation :
S.B.Nikritin's drawings : "Varyag" ("Varangian"), "Tsirk Chinizelli" ("The Circus of Ciniselli"), sketches of women's and men's figures140 (1914-1917). S.B.Nikritin's manuscripts. Articles : "Oformlenye opery "Tupeiny khudozhnik" (1920; "The Design of the Opera "The Tufted Artist"), "Pisma o sovremennoy russkoy zhivopisi" (1921; "Letters about the Modern Russian Painting"), "Istorya raboty Proyektsionnogo teatra" (1925; "The History of the Work of the Projection theatre"), "O nekotorykh voprosakh sovetskogo izobrazitelnogo iskusstva" (1950; "About Some Issues of the Soviet Fine Art"), "Khudozhnik i gosudarstvo" (1957; "The Artist and the State") and others; speeches : at the discussions and meetings in the Moscow Branch of the Soviet Writers Union ( MOSSKh) about the tasks of the artists during the war (1942-1947), about the art exhibitions (1950-1953), about the modernity in painting (1959) et al.; the autobiography [1945]. 100 manuscripts in all. Letters to S.B.Nikritin from : A.A.Andreyeva (1969), A.O.Ginevsky (1957), V.P.Kaluzhin 130 ([1920] - 1965), A.P.Mogilevsky (1965), T.N.Khrennikov 2 (19620 et al. 9 correspondents in all. Materials about the work of S.B.Nikritin in the Projection Theatre (1921-1926), the General federation of left (left political wing) builders (1922), in the Visual agitation workshop (1943-1945), in the painting department of the Moscow Branch of the Soviet Writers Union (MOSSKh) "Industrya" (1961-1964; "Industry"); posters and catalogues of the exhibitions with his participation (1929-1969). Articles and notes about the workshop of the Projection theatre - cuttings from the press (1923-1925), about the creativity of S.B.Nikritin - cuttings from the press (1956-1969). A.B.Nikritin's memoirs (S.B.Nikritin's sister) "About meetings with A.M.Gorky and M.F.Andreyeva" - typewritten [the 1960s]. Photographs of S.B.Nikritin 2 (1941, 1957). Photographs of the scenes from the performance "Zelyonoye koltso" by Z.N.Gippius designed by S.B.Nikritin in the Second studio of the Moscow Art Theatre,2 (1916; "The Green Ring"), photographs of expositions of exhibitions of his works 21 (1956).
Quantity of Items : 103