Fund Number : 2466
Title : Moscow department of the USSR Architects Union
Annotation :
1937 - 1957. Regulatins about the organizing committee, about organizing bureau, about section of studing and assistance to architecture monument protection (1951-1955). Plans and reports of the department (1941-1957). Minutes and shorthand records of the general meetings of Moscow architects (1937-1957), conferences of the board of administration, conferences of the bureau of the department sections (1939-1957), creative consultations (1940-1957). Shorthand records of : the discussions about the planning and construction of Moscow and its some architecture objects (1939-1957), the conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the death of D.I.Zhilyardi (1945), meetings of Moscow architects with students and builders (1946-1952), a conversation of A.V.Shchusev with students of the Moscow architecture institute (1946), events in the memory of: N.A.Lvov and P.P.Malinovsky (1954), reports and lectures of N.P.Antsiferov, D.Y.Arkin, A.V.Baranov, N.P.Bylinkin, A.V.Vlasov, A.G.Gabrichevsky, K.A.Ivanov, N.Y.Kolli, S.P.Konoplyansky, G.F.Kuznetsov, V.P.Lagutenko, I.I.Loveiko, A.Lyurs, I.S.Nikolayev, Z.M.Rozenfeld, P.A.Spyshnov, P.V.Sytin, K.I.Trapeznikov, A.V.Shchusev (about the reconstruction of Pskov and Novgorod) et al. (1940-1957); shorthand records of the discussions about the books and articles of : G.B. Borisovsky, M.A.Minkus, B.P.Mikhailov, M.I.Rzyanin, N.B.Sokolov, N.Y.Tikhomirov (1948-1956). Regulations, programs, rules, minutes and shorthand records of the councils, juries and commissions for organization of the architecture contests (1939-1955). Materials about the nomination of : V.S.Andreyev, N.A.Bykova, S.A.Vlasov, V.N.Glinka, A.N.Dushkin, M.S.Zhirov, A.I.Zaitsev, A.M.Zaslavsky, V.N.Zlatolinsky, N.P.Kurennoy, I.I.Loveiko, T.I.Makarychev, M.A.Minkus, S.G.Muravyov, Y.M.Popov, M.V.Posokhin, Z.M.Rozenfeld, A.A/Rumyantsev, D.N.Chechulin, P.P.Shteller, A.V.Shchusev et al. For the State prizes on architecture (1949-1953). Materials about the celebration in honour of I.V.Zholtovsky in connection with the 80th anniversary of his birthday (1947). Articles of A.M.Zaslavsky, Y.L.Iokheles, Y.Y.Savitsky, N.N.Shchetinin et al. (1947-1951). 1936-1964. Orders within the Moscow department of the USSR Architects Union (1937-1941, 1957-1959). Plans and reports about the creative activity (1937-1964). Minutes of the sittings of the organizing committee (1936-1937) and the presidium of the board of administration (1936-1964). Minutes and shorthand records of the 1st - 9th conferences of Moscow architects (1937-1964). Shorthand records of the discussions about the projects of the reconstruction of Moscow and building of new residential areas (1956-1964), projects of the buildings of the Palace of Soviets (1959), the Tretyakov Gallery (1960), the USSR exhibition hall at the International exhibition in New-York (1961), the panorama of the battle of Borodino (1963) et al. ; shorthand records of the discussion of "Istoriya russkogo iskusstva" (1958; "The History Of Russian Art"), the creative work of the architects of Uzbek SSR for 40 years (1964), plans and reports of architecture organizations (1936-1964). The correspondence with the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, the Moscow Council, the Moscow region executive committee about the protection of the architecture monuments, about organizational questions (1959-1961). Minutes and shorthand records of the meetings of the sections and commissions of town building, arrangement of green spaces, interior, monumental and decorative art, applied art, studying and protection of architecture monuments et al. Concerning the discussion of the plans and reports, architecture projects, articles and reports of K.N.Afanasyev, N.N.Voronin, A.I.Gegello, G.A.Gradov, A.S.Zalessky, S.B.Zernova, A.I.Kolesnikov, P.I.Lapin, G.I.Mishchenko, I.P.Panfyorova, V.S.Rubanenko, G.N.Ullas et al (1954-1964). Shorthand records of the sittings dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birthday of I.V.Yegotov (1956) and the 400th anniversary of the building of the Cathedral of Saint Basil the Blessed in Moscow (1960), the meetings of commemration of A.A.Vesnin, V.A.Vesnin, L.A.Vesnin (1961) and G.P.Golts (1963); the correspondence about the holding of the jubilees of G.B.Barkhin, V.G.Gelfreikh, V.K.Oltarzhevsky (1960). Shorthand records of the seminars-consutations of the architects concerning the beautification of the towns and areas of Moscow region (1961-1964), shorthand records of the lectures of M.V.Adrianov, Y.B.Belopolsky, P.N.Blokhin, A.N.Venediktov, I.I.Naumov, L.A.Petrov, N.N.Ullas, V.A.Shkvarikov et al. In the Culture university of builders (1961-1962). Lists of the members of the Moscow department of the USSR Architects Union (1947, 1958-1962). Minutes of the social commission (of Archival fund) (1956-1964) and the commission for the admission to the union (1955). Inventory . 4-7. Plans of the main measures of the board and the accounts about the creative work (1964-1975). Minutes and shorthand records of the presidium meetings, board meetings and plenums of the board (1964-1975). Minutes, shorthand records, decisions and documents about the preparation of the 9th - 13th Moscow summary-election conferences (1964-1975). Minutes and shorthand records of discussions: reconstruction problems, plan and constructing in Moscow, its objects, the architecture monuments restoration, the architecture projects; lectures, reports: N.N.Voronin, V.А.Nesterov, М.V.Posokhin, V.А.Seregin, S.О.Khan-Magomedov and others (1947-1975); plans and accounts of the architecture organizations (1965,1966); projects nominated for the State Prize (1967-1971). Shorthand records seminar-meetings of the board about the outward appearance and the greening of cities of the Moscow region (1966,1967), "On ideological meaning of the Soviet Architecture " (1971), "Traditions and the present day in the examples of the architecture practices of Moscow " (1975). Shorthand records of lectures and reports: A.V.Ikonnikov, S.М.Matveyev, V.А.Nesterov, М.V.Posokhin, I.B.Purischev, Т.F.savarenskaya, О.Frey and others (1966-1973). Articles: К.F.Knyazev "On the summery for the design of the detail plan of the central district of Moscow", А.N.Erlikh "General plan and the old residential fund" and others. (1965,1969). Correspondences with the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the Lenin Prize and State Prize Committee for sciense and technology at the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, MID of the USSR, the creative associations and others about nomination of achitects for the State Prizes, conferring the honoured titles, participation in the congresses and contests, culture cooperation with foreign architects and others (1965-1975). Plans, occounts, minutes and short hand records of meetings, lists of memebers and other documents of branches of MOSA - city constructong, architecture of houses, architecture of the public buildings,architecture of industrial buildings, protection of the monuments (some documents since 1947.), theory and critics, well-equipping and ourside designing of Moscow;commissions: organizing and conducting competitions, coordination of the creative work and management of the local branches, international cooperations, veteran- architects , social- consumer-services (Architecture fund), reception of the new members of the Union and others (1961-1975). Documents about preparation and conducting of the memory events, creative events, jubilees К.S.Alabyan, D.Е.Arkin, L.I.Batalov, Y.B.Belopolsky, D.М.Burdin, V.Gropius, А.N.Dushkin, I.V.Zholtovsky, Y.М. Koryakin, К.S.Melnikov, L.N.Pavlov, М.V.Posokhinа, Z.М.Rosenfeld, N.А.Sakharov and others (1967-1975). Documents about conferring the honoured titles to: V.S.Andreyev, N.V.Baranov, L.К.Dyubek, B.М.Iofan, N.М.Kuznetsov, I.I.Loveiko, B.S.Mezentsev, V.Y.Movchan, V.А.Nesterov, А.Т.Polyansky, М.V.Posokhin, Z.М.Rosenfeld, V.А.Shkvarikov and others (1968-1975). Personal records, autobiographies, biography materials, lists of the works of works of architects (who had jubilee): I.V.Averintsev, S.Еantonov, А.V.Barulin, S.А.Gelfeld, V.Y.Golosovsky, А.А.Zarubin, D.М.Iofan, S.А.Kallistratov, N.N.Klein, V.F.Krinsky, К.S.Melnikov, P.I.Ovcharenko, V.К.Oltarzhevsky, А.N.Ostroumov, S.А.Nesterov, P.V.Sytin, А.V.Tolokonnikov, P.V.Schusev, А.N.Erlokh, P.P.Yuryev and others (1945-1975). Personal files of members of MOSA: Y.I.Abramov, А.F.Akimov, М.М.Aksenov, А.И.Akselrod, А.М.Aleksanov, М.V.Alpatov, А.S.Arzumanov, D.Е.Arkin, N.V.Afanasyev, V.М.Bazarnov, V.D.Baranov, N.P.Baranov, P.D.Baranovsky, А.I.Baransky, P.V.Barsukov, G.B.Barkhin, N.М.Berseneva, B.N.Blokhin, P.N.Blokhin, I.А.Bokarev, N.I.Bocharov, B.М.Brailovsky, А.I.Brusilovsky, А.N.Buynov, А.А.Varga, А.S.Vatsenko, А.I.Venediktov, М.D.Venediktova, А.А.Vesnin, V.А.Vesnin, B.S.Vilensky, V.А. Vinograd, А.V.Vlasov, S.А.Vlasov, S.I.Vorobyov, А.G.Gabrichevsky, А.А.Galaktionov, А.I.Gegello, V.G.Gelfreich, М.V.Georgiyevsky, I.S.Goloschapov, N.P.Gricanov, N.V.Gromov, V.N.Gugel, А.N.Demidov, P.К.Didenko, P.I.Drobinsky, А.Y.Dunayevsky, А.N.Dushkin, К.D.Egorov, М.V.Egorov, М.N.Zherebtsov, М.S.Zhirov, I.V.Zholtovsky, N.P.Zhukov, А.А.Zavarzin, B.А.Zavarzin, А.V.Zalessky, А.М.Zaslavsky, М.А.Zelenin, Е.О.Zelensky, М.А.Ilyin, G.N.Ilyina, S.G.Ioffe, S.V.Istomin, V.G.Kalino, V.P.Kalmykov, D.L.Kantorovich, Е.V.Kerson, А.Y.Kovalev, I.М.Kozlov, N.D.Kolli, М.N.Komarov, А.N.Kornoukhov, V.А.Krasilnikov, V.F.Krinsky, А.F.Kuznetsov, М.N.Kurochkin, N.N.Lebedev, N.Z.Levinsky, Y.P.Levchenko, S.А.Lopatin, V.I.Lukyanov, L.L.Lurye, G.М.Lyudvich, М.P.Mazur, Т.I.Makarychev, I.V.Makovetsky, М.А.Malygin, I.I.Malts, I.Е.Markelov, V.S.Maslov, I.P.Mashkov, B.S.Mezentsev, К.S.Melnikov, М.А.Minkus, G.Е.Mischenko, D.А.Morozov, М.М.Morozov, S.G.Muravyev, N.V.Nagorsky, E.V.Nezhinsky, V.I.Nesterenko, S.N.Nikolayev, V.К.Oltarzhevsky, V.V.Pagirev, М.N.Petrov, К.N.Ponimarev, Е.М.Popov, В.А.Potapov, К.N.Pyatnitskaya, N.К.Ragulin, I.I.Rautenstein, B.К.Roerich, К.Y.Rogov, А.G.Rozanova, L.Е.Rosenberg, S.G.Rozenblyum, L.V.Rudnev, P.D.Saburov, I.P.Savelyev, L.I.Savelyev, А.V.Samoylov, V.V. Samoylov, V.I.Sarkisov, S.I.Sakharov, А.А.Sidorov, А.А.Silchenko, А.I.Skachkov, N.N.Sobolyev, К.А.Solovyev, P.А.Spyshnov, I.L.Sternik, I.I.Sultanov, А.D.Sukhov, P.V.Sytin, G.P.Tesler, P.G.Tesler, М.М.Titov, N.Y.Tikhomirov, I.V.Tkachenko, V.А.Trubin, Е.А.Trubnikov, N.А.Ushakov, G.I.Fyodorov, А.А.Fyodorov-Davydov, I.S.Filimonov, А.V.Filippov, P.М.Frenkel, N.Е.Tsygankov, А.К.Chaldymov, Е.P.Chaus, S.Е.Chertnyshev, D.N.Chechulin, I.I.Sharikov, А.F.Sharov, P.N.Shakhovsky, V.I.Shevtsov, D.Е.Shibayev, А.V.Shnitke, P.P.Shteller, Y.N.Shumovsky, N.N.Schetinin, А.V.Schusev, М.А.Schusev, P.V.Schusev, А.N.Erlikh, Е.А.Yuryev, G.К.Yakovlev and others 2395 (1930-1987); list of former members of MOSA who were expelled from the Architecture Union of the USSR during 1965-1975 (1975); personal files of lesteners of the Qualification Upgrading Institute of Architects at MOSA (1966-1975). Albums with photographs (2) of type designs of the sections of dwelling apartments, reconstruction of houses, interior of the hotel "Lux" of Comintern, that was designed by G.B.Lokshin [1930s]; photographs of architects who were perished during 1941-1945 in WWII, and the projects which were designed by them [collect. 1950].
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SITENAME : st. 2466 Moscow department of the USSR Architects Union