Fund Number : 2361
Title : Lisitsky, El (Lazar Markovich; 1890-1941) - painter, architect
Annotation :
Drawings by El Lisitsky: "Proun" (1919), draft of the poster of the First RSFSR Theatre "Misteriya- buff" (Mystery Bouffe) (1923), poster on the opening of All-Russian polygraphic exhibition (1927), draft for journal and book covers (1927 - 1928), plans and drawings of Central Recreation Park in Moscow, First All-Union Aircraft Exhibition, central pavilion of All-Union Agricultural Exhibition ([1920s] - 1938), etc. 165 drawings in all. Composite photographs of El Lisitsky: draft of the first skyscraper in Moscow (1924 - 1928), poster "Lenin - Vozhd' Proletariata" (Lenin, the leader of the proletariat) [1920s]; experimental photographs of El Lisitsky 12 [1920s]; photographs of exhibitions in Berlin, Leipzig and Cologne and other German cities, designed by El Lisitsky 114 (1926 - 1930). Manuscripts of El Lisitsky. Articles: "Chto dolzhen znat' proletariy ob iskusstve" (How much should a proletarian know about art) (1920), "Novoe russkoe iskusstvo" (The New Russian Art) (1923), "Arkhitektura v Sovetskom Soyuze" (Architecture in the Soviet Union) (1923), "Isskusstvo i pangeometriya" (Art and Pangeometry) (1924), "Amerikanizm evropeyskoy arkhitektury" (Americanism of European Architecture) [1920s]; "Khudozhestvennye predposylki standartizatsii grazhdanskoy individual'noy mebeli" (Aesthetic Background to Standardization of Private Household Furniture) - report (1928); autobiography (1941). 15 manuscripts in all. Notebook of El Lisitsky with drawing sketches, notes on work and domestic matters (1934). Letters to El Lisitsky from: P. Vestgeim 6 (1924), A. Glez (1924), V. Gropius (1942), G. Gross (1924), R. Delone [1920s], Le Corbusier (1924), N. A. Ladovsky (1929), L. Mogoli-Naga 3 (1924), E. Root 4 (1924 - 1925), B. Taut (1925), etc. 18 corr. in all. Birth certificate of El Lisitsky (1890); diploma of architecture engineer (1918); contracts with exhibition organizing committees, journal editorial boards, the Meyerhold State Theatre (1922 - 1940), questionnaires (1926 - 1941); documents regarding the work of El Lisitsky in New Architects Association (1923 - 1926). Photographs of El Lisitsky , individual (1922 - 1935) and group with M. S. Uritsky, A. B. Khalatov, O. Y. Schmidt, etc., 9 (1928 - 1934). Photographs of M. Gorky taken by El Lisitsky, 2 (1928). Photographs taken by M.-C. Vaillant- Couturier during his travels in China, 26 (1935). Articles of E. Prampolini "Reformy stseny v sovremennom teatre" (Stage Reforms in Modern Theatre) and G. Torre "Kompozitsiya zhivopisi Delonje" (The Composition in Paintings by Delaunay) [1920s].
Dates : 1890 - 1960 гг.
Quantity of Items : 75