Fund Number : 253
Title : Krilov I. A.
Annotation :
Manuscripts of I. A. Krilov. Fables: "Ruchey" ("A Stream")" - an extract (1811), "Sinitsa" ("A Tit";1811), "Lev i mish" ("A Lion and A Mous"; 1834), "Razboynik i Izvozchik" ("A Robber and A Coachman"; 1834), "Kukushka i Petukh" ("A Cuckoo and a Rooster") - an extract with explanation of P. A. Pletnyov (1834), "Yest lyudi: bud lish im priyatel..." ("There are people: be a friend of theirs only..."; 1837). Written manuscript copies of I. A. Krilov's works of the 1st half of the 19th century. 7 manuscript copies in all. I. A. Krilov's impromptu dedicated to A. A. Olenina "Vot vam stihi" ("That is a poem to you") - with A. A. Olenina's handwriting and collective pem of I. A. Krilov, V. A. Savelyev "Na den rozhdeniya A. O. (A. A. Olenina)" ("To the birthday of A. O. (A. A. Olenina"; n. d.). Letters of I. A. Krilov: [to M. P. Sumarokova] (n. d.) and to unknown persons 2 (1844 and n. d.). Documents about birthday celebrations and the 50th anniversary of literary activity of I. A. Krilov (texts of speeches and toasts) - printed (1838); a notification about I. A. Krilov's death and about erecting a monument in his memoty - printed (1844).
Dates : 1811 - 1844 гг.
Quantity of Items : 22