Fund Number : 2042
Title : Zhukov, Innorentiy Nikolayevich (1875-1948) - sculptor, writer
Annotation :
The manuscripts of I. N. Zhukov. The articles, essays, speeches: "Strannoye v Prirode" ("Strange in the Nature") [1910], "Mysli o Vospitanii" ("Thoughts about Education") (1919), "Razrushim Baryer Mezhdu Nami" ("Let's Destroy between Us") [1925], "Igra v Trud v Pedagogike" ("Game in Labour in the Pedagogy") (1928), "Polpred Zhivotnogo Mira - V. L. Durov" ("Plenipotentiary Representative of Animal World - V. L. Durov") (n.d.); the narratives and plays for children: "Bukva Yat" ("The Yat Letter") (1918), "Sud nad Pastushkom Fedotkoy" ("Trial at Herdsman Fedotka") (1918), "Puteshestviye Zvena "Krasnoy Zvezdy" v Stranu Chudes" ("Trip of the "Red Star" Team to the Wonders Land") (1924), "Priklyucheniye Pionerov v Yegipte" ("Adventures of Pioneers in Egypt") (1926) and other; the autobiography [1920], "Khronika Roda Zhukovykh" ("Chronicle of the Zhukovs Family") [1924], the diary (1928 - 1948) and other. There are 21 manuscrits. The albums of I. N. Zhukov (5). The photographs of his sculptural works (1897 - 1921) and the photograph of V. I. Mukhina (n.d.), Russian pupils of E. Burdel's studio (n.d.) and other; the articles and reviews about creative work of I. N. Zhukov - newspaper and magazine cuttings (1906 - 1945); the letters of K. A. Varlamov (1911), A. M. Gorky - copy (1910), R. Rollan (1937) and E. Burdel (n.d.). The letters of I. N. Zhukov to: A. M. Gorky - manuscript copy (1933), M. I. Kalinin (1943), R. Rollan (1936) and others. There are 7 addressees. The letters to I. N. Zhukov of: S. P. Obnorsky (1938), I. Y. Repin [1909], T. S. Sampilov (n.d.), T. L. Sukhotina (1910) and others. There are 10 correspondents. The birth certificate of I. N. Zhukov (1875), the certificate handed by the police prefect to I. N. Zhukov on the right of live in Paris (1912), the forms filled by I. N. Zhukov (1924). The photographs of I. N. Zhukov, individual ones and in the groups 16 (1886 - 1938). The letters of T. S. Sampilov to I. I. Zhukova (sculptor's daughter) 2 (1948, 1949).
Dates : 1875 - 1954 гг.
Quantity of Items : 101