Fund Number : 2423
Title : Zholtovsky I. V.
Annotation :
Inventory 1. 1908 - 1959. The manuscripts of I. V. Zholtovsky. The records for memory with drafts of compositions [1920-ies - 1950-ies]; the articles: "O Masterstve Sovetsokogo Zodchego" ("About Skill of the Soviet Architect"), "O Podlinnoy I Lozhnoy Krasote v Arkhitekture" ("About the True and False Beauty in Architecture"), "O Rabote Arkhitektora na Stroitelstve" ("About Architect's Work at the Building"), "Printsip Zodchestva" ("Principle of Architecture") and other (1933 - 1954); the speeches about the Kursk railway station building in Moscow sketch project (1933), the translation of the "Chetyre Knigi po Arkhitekture" ("Four Books at Architecture") treatise of A. Palladio from Italian [1935]; the talks and interviews: "Dom Sovetskogo Cheloveka" ("House of the Soviet Man"), "Kakim Dolzhen Stat Tsentr Moskvy" ("Which the Centre of Moscow Have to Became") and other (1950 - 1957). There are 15 manuscripts. The letters of I. V. Zholtovsky to: M. V. Kryukov (1937), A. V. Schusev [1948], the Commission of assistance to scientists, the Byelorussian SSR Academy of Sc. Presidium and other 9 [1930 - 1950-ies]. The letters to I. V. Zholtovsky from: K. S. Alabyan 3 (1937 - 1957), A. V. Arefyev 13 (1942 - 1957), M. O. Barsh 9 (1942 - 1957), S. M. Budyonny (1959), N. P. Bylinkin 20 (1942 - 1957), A. G. Gabrichevsky (1942), K. N. Gorsky (1932), A. F. Zhukov 10 (1942 - 1958), G. A. Zakharov and Z. S. Chernyshova 16 (1944 - 1958), G. I. Kotov (1932), G. M. Lyudvig (1942), S. V. Malyutin 2 (1932), N. G. Mashkovtsev (1936), S. D. Merkurov (1932), V. I. Mukhina 2 (1953), A. L. Pasternak (1942), N. L. Podberesky 4 (1951 - 1952), L. M. Polyakov 6 (1942 - 1957), A. V. Samoylov 3 (1942 - 1952), A. N. Seliverstov 2 (1936), P. I. Skokan 9 (1947 - 1957), A. A. Skochinsky 3 (1952 - 1957), N. N. Sobolev 4 (1942 - 1957), D. P. Sukhov 2 (1952, 1957), A. I. Tamanyan (1931), D. N. Chechulin (1932), I. D. Shadr (1932), S. V. Shervinsky 5 (1952 - 1957), A. V. Schusev (1948), P. V. Schusev 4 (1942 - 1954), P. D. Ettinger 2 (1942, 1947) and others. There are 145 correspondents. The dedications to I. V. Zholtovsky on the title sheets of books of E. B. Bernshtein (1947) and Y. P. Korneyev (1954). The letter to I. V. Zholtovsky of the Moscow car factory board about building of the hospital building and the working settlement building (1916); the letters of the Marx - Engels - Lenin Institute, the Lenin State library, the Shternberg Astronomic Institute, the Metro building and other and the agreements about projecting of buildings, squares, monuments (1927 - 1957); materials about projecting by I. V. Zholtovsky of the All-Union Arts Palace, the USSR Soviets Palace, the Gorky World Literature Institute, the residential houses in Moscow, about reconstruction of Sverdlov Square in Moscow, the theatre building in Taganrog, the Sochi - Matsestinsky health resort and other (1929 - 1953); the reports of conferences of the USSR Architects Union board and the Moscow Soviet commission at the Moscow city architecture and planning questions (1932 - 1942); the decrees, orders, directions of the National Commissars Committee of Russia, the Architecture Affairs Committee, the USSR Culture Ministry and other about inclusion of I. V. Zholtovsky to the contests commissions and juries staff, about approval of him by the USSR Academy of Sc. General architect and other (1932 - 1957); materials of the Moscow Soviet 1st Architectural and Designed studio under guidance of I. V. Zholtovsky (1934 - 1952); the order book (1942); the Honoured Deed of the Byelorussian SSR Supreme Soviet for services in development of the Soviet architecture and the summons about election of I. V. Zholtovsky as the valid member of the Byelorussian SSR Academy of Sc. (1945 - 1956); materials about election of I. V. Zholtovsky as the Honoured Corresponding Member of the English Architects King's Institute (1946 - 1958); the list of buildings and projects of I. V. Zholtovsky (1952, [1950-ies]); the certificate about approval of I. V. Zholtovsky as the participant of the All-Union agricultural exhibition (1954); the letter of the All-Union Committee of the USSR Arts Academy 200th anniversary jubilee realization about rewarding of I. V. Zholtovsky with the memorable medal (1958). The addresses, congratulatory letters and telegrams to I. V. Zholtovsky for the jubilees and rewardings of: the Arts Affair Committee, the Architecture Academy, the USSR Architects Union, the USSR Painters Union and other; M. G. Barkhin, A. V. Vlasov, I. E. Grabar, Y. A. Zavadsky, B. M. Iofan, S. T. Konenkov, A. G. Koonen and A. Y. Tairov, G. G. Neigauz, N. B. Nikogosyan, S. Safaryan, N. V. Tomsky, F. F. Fyodorovsky and other (1937 - 1959). The articles and reviews about I. V. Zholtovsky's creative work - newspaper cuttings (1932 - 1957). The letters and telegrams of different persons and organizations for I. V. Zholtovsky's death (1959). The photographs of I. V. Zhltovsky 5 [1930-ies - 1940-ies]. "Poyasnitelnaya Zapiska po Voprosu Prepodavaniya Risunka I Zhivopisi v Akademii Arkhitektury" ("The Explanatory Note at the Question of Teaching of Picture and Painting in the Architecture Academy") of Y. Y. Lansere - typescript (1934). Inventory 2. 1900s-1970s. Creative materials of I. V. Zholtovsky. Drawings , (1926); drafts of private country houses and others. 10 ([1900s]-1958); drafts 3 [2nd half of the 1950s]; albums with sketches and drafts of I. V. Zholtovsky and P.I.Skokan, records of conversations and consultations of I. V. Zholtovsky - records were made by P.I.Skokan 12 (1947-1957); records of conversations and consultations of records of conversations and consultations concerning the drafts of P.I.Skokan 134 (1950-1959); - notes on aestheticsе - record of P.I.Skokan 2 (1957-1958). Material to the biography of I. V. Zholtovsky [1952-1954]. Portrait of I. V. Zholtovsky - portrait was painted by P.I.Skokan - photocopy [1947-1959]. Albums with portraits and caricature of I. V. Zholtovsky and employees of the Architecture school-studio of I. V. Zholtovsky 4 (1951-1957). Materials of P.I.Skokan [1950-1970s].
Dates : 1908 - 1959 гг.
Quantity of Items : 213