Fund Number : 2724
Title : Yefimov, Ivan Semenovich (1878-1959) - sculptor, painter
Annotation :
Drawings by I. S. Yefimov. The sketches of the monuments to S. M. Budyonny, Z. A. Kosmodemyanskaya, A. N. Ostrovsky, Salavat Yulayev, Y. M. Sverdlov 9 (1923 - 1942), the sketch of relieves for the monument to I. A. Krylov 2 [1940]; the sketches of covers and illustrations for works of A. L. Barto, I. A. Krylov, G. Nizami, A. S. Pushkin, L. N. Tolstoy, K. D. Ushinsky, S. Z. Fedorchenko, S. V. Shervinsky, for the tales, proverbs and sayings collections ([1904] - 1948); the sketches of puppets and sceneries for performances: the N. Y. and I. S. Yefomovs Puppet Theatre - "Printsessa na Goroshine" ("Princess on the Pea") by H. C. Andersen 4 [1919] and the "Makbet" by W. Shakespeare 15 (1933), the Bolshoy Theatre - "Koltso Nibelunga" ("Ring of the Nibelung") by R. Wagner (1930), the Moscow Music-Hall - "Sevilsky Obolstitel" ("Seville Seducer") by Tirso de Molina (1934); the sketches of child's games, toys, tableware painting and other (1915 - [the 1940-ies]); the portrait of B. M. Iofan [1930-ies], the sketches of portraits of the Soviet painters 1st All-Union Congress participants (1957); the self-portraits 2 ([the 1920-ies], 1956) and other. There are 2000 pictures. The photographs of puppets and scenes from the N. Y. and I. S. Yefimovs Puppet Theatre performances - 157 (1916 - [1940]), the Moscow Satire Theatre - "Braki Zaklyuchayutsya v Nebesakh" ("Weddings Are Being Concluded in the Skies") by V. Gazenklever 20 (1929) and "Gospodin de Pursonyak" ("Mr. de Pursonyak") by J.-B. Moliere 4 (1938). The manuscripts of I. S. Yefimov. The speeches at the evenings dedicated to discussions of exhibitions with participation of I. S. Yefimov (1935 - 1959), "Zametki Skulptora" ("Notes of the Sculptor"), "Na Radost Narodu" ("For the People's Gladness") and other articles and reviews (1937 - 1957), the autobiography (1954). There are 12 manuscripts. The letters of I. S. Yefimov to: V. A. Barinov 3 (1948 - [1950]), V. V. Bianki - typewritten copies 10 (1949 - 1958), N. Y. Simonovich - Yefimova - wife 12 (1916 - 1932), Y. I. Charushin (1945), M. V. Yudina - typewritten copy [the 1940-ies] and others. There are 9 addressees. The letters to I. S. Yefimov of: I. M. Barkhash 2 ([1956], 1958), A. S. Golubkina [1908], Y. S. Demmeni (1949), D. D. Zhilinsky 3 (1947 - 1954), S. Y. Marshak (1928), A. A. Plastov (1956), M. D. Ryndzyunsky 4 (1916 - 1936), N. I. Sats (1933), V. A. Serov 2 (1911), P. A. Florensky 3 (1928), M. V. Yudina 3 (1949 - 1958). There are 37 correspondents. The birth certificate of I. S. Yefimov (1878), the awards of International exhibitions in Paris, Brussels and other (1909 - 1958), the service and business trip certificates (1918 - 1933), the posters of the N. Y. and I. S. Yefimvs Puppet theatre performances (1928), the lists of I. S. Yefimov's works (1929 - 1960). The congratulatory letters and telegrams to I. S. Yefimov for the jubilees and rewardings of: the USSR Arts Academy, the USSR Painters Union, the MOSSH, the Tretyakov gallery; M. V. Babenchikov, V. V. Bianki, V. A. Vatagin, Y. A. Zavadsky and other (1937 - 1958). The articles, reviews, speeches, memoirs about I. S. Yefimov of: V. A. Barinov, B. V. Shergin and other (1913 - [1960-ies]), N. Y. Simonovich - Yefimov - "Skulptor Ivan Yefimov" ("Sculptor Ivan Yefimov") - essay (1948); the letters with mention about I. S. Yefimov of: V. A. Barinov (1930), V. A. Favorsky (1959). Materials of N. Y. Simonovich - Yefimova. The pictures: self-portraits 2 (1916), the portraits of: I. S. Yefimov 6 (1907 - 1939), A. S. Golubkina [1910-ies], V. V. Vishnevsky, L. S. Sobolev, N. S. Tikhonov, L. V. Uspensky, N. K. Chukovsky and other participants of the conference about the naval literature 8 (1945); the studio of V. A. Serov in Paris (1909), the illustrations for books 116 [the 1910-ies -the 1940-ies]. The memoirs: "Pyat Masterskikh Anny Semyonovny Golubkinoy' ("Five Studios of Anna Semyonovna Golubkina") [the 1930-ies], "O Zhizni I Okruzhenii Khudozhnika Valentina Aleksandrovicha Serova" ("About Life and Environment of Painter Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov") (1943), the memoirs about Y. S. Kruglikova (1945) and V. G. Chertkov [the 1940-ies]; the letters of N. Y. Simnovich - Yefimova to N. M. Bezzubtsev 29 (1927 - 1947); the letter to her of A. S. Golubkina [1900-ies]; materials for the biography (1884 - 1967); the preface of P. A. Florensky for the "Zapiski Petrushechnika" ("Notes of the Punch Master") book of N. Y. Simonovich - Yefimova (1924). The letters of A. N. Rimsky - Korsakov (1915) and A. B. Khesin [1915] to V. S. Serova. The photographs of I. S. Yefimov, individual ones and in the groups with D. L. Zhiliskin, N. Y. Yefimova, V. A. Favorsky and other, 115 ([1890-ies] - 1959), at N. Y. and I. S. Yefimovs' theatre van (1919). The album with photographs of I. A. Zaitsev, S. V. Obraztsov and other; with photographs of scenes from performances of the Central Puppet Theatre, the UMZP Puppet Theatre and other; with the dedications of Puppet Theatres actors to I. S. Yefimov and N. Y. Simonovich - Yefimova 45 (1931). The photographs of N. M. Bezzbtsev, individual ones and in the groups with the Voronezh Puppet Theatre actors 7 (1928 - 1936), of L. D. Beryozina - with actors of the Ashkhabad Puppet Theatre [1930], of D. D. Zhilinsky 2 (1956, 1957), M. I. Znamenskaya [the 1930-ies], A. A. Mukhatayev 7 (1930 - 1931), V. A. Norman (1939), N. Y. Simonovich - Yefimova 21 (1884 - 1935), V. A. Favorsky 2 (1956). The photographs of puppets from performances of the Puppet Theatres of: Ashkhabad, Voronezh, Moscow, Ryazan, Serpukhov, Sverdlovsk, Ufa, Kharkov 108 (1927 - 1952).
Dates : 1814 - 1970 гг.
Quantity of Items : 457