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Title : Meyerhold State Theatre
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1920 - 1938. Materials of the "Teatr RSFSR 1-y" ("The 1st Theatre of RSFSR") and the "Teatr Aktyora" ("Theatre of the Actor"): regulations and scheme of the "Teatr RSFSR 1-y" ("The 1st Theatre of Russia") structure, orders, reports of the art council, the correspondence of the National enlightenment Committee with the "Teatr RSFSR 1-y" ("The 1st Theatre of Russia") and the Communist Drama Studio about the theatres amalgamation; the "Zori" ("Dawns") tragedy of E. Verkharn in the staging treatment of V. E. Meyerhold and V. M. Bebutov, arrange of the performance, the questionnaires of audience; the shorthand record of public debates about the "Zori" ("Dawns") performance (1920 - 1921); the "Teatr RSFSR 1-y" ("The 1st Theatre of Russia") essay of A. V. Fevralsky - typescript [1920-ies]; the "Nora" play of H. Ibsen in the staging treatment of V. E. Meyerhold (1922). Materials of the Meyerhold State theatre: industrial plans (1923 - 1933), orders concerning the staff and the director's part (1926 - 1937), the account of V. E. Meyerhold about the theatre work for 1929 - 1930, the scheme of the theatre management organization (1931 - 1932); the regulations about the dramatic laboratory (1925), about the art and political council [1930-ies], about the producer's part (1932), about the research laboratory (1935); the order of the USSR Arts Affairs Committee about the theatre liquidation - copy (1938). The reports and shorthand records of the theatre collective industrial conference (1924 - 1933), conferences, discussions and talks (1925 - 1936), the producer's troupe conferences (1926 - 1933), the art and political council (1928 - 1930); the shorthand records of L. N. Seifullina's talks with artists about the "Natasha" ("Natasha") play (1937). The correspondence of the theatre board with the General repertoire Committee, the National enlightenment Committee, theatres, editorial offices of Russian and foreign newspapers and magazines and other institutions (1921 - 1936), with B. V. Asafyev, V. V. Vishnevsky, V. V. Dmitriyev, K. S. Petrov - Vodkin, N. F. Pogodin, S. S. Prokofyev, V. A. Pyast, D. D. Shostakovich, I. G. Erenburg and other (1923 - 1935). The agreements of the theatre with V. V. Vishnevsky, M. M. Zoschenko, S. M. Tretyakov and other (1925 - 1936). The service notes of V. E. Meyerhold about the repertoire and rehearsals (1924 - 1926); the producer's plans, notes and sketches of V. E. Meyerhold during the rehearsals, his expressions and expressions of V. V. Vishnevsky about the staging of the "Posledny Reshitelny" ("The Last Resolute ") performance, the shorthand records and records of talks and rehearsals (1923 - 1937); the producer's and prompter's copies of plays and staging text elaborations of V. E. Meyerhold, Z. N. Raikh and other producers:A. N. Ostrovsky - "Les" ("Forest") (1924 - 1936), M. G. Podgayetsky - "Dayesh Yevropu" ("Give Europe") (1924 - 1930), A. M. Faiko - "Uchitel Bubus" ("Teacher Bubus") (1924 - 1925), N. R. Erdman - "Mandat" ("Warrant") (1925 - 1926), S. M. Tretyakov - "Rychi, Kitai" ("Growl, China") (1926), N. V. Gogol - "Revizor" ("The Inspector-General") (1926), I. L. Selvinsky - "Komandarm 2" ("The Army Commander No 2") (1929), A. I. Bezymensky - "Vystrel" ("Shot") (1929 - 1930), V. V. Mayakovsky - "Banya" ("Bathhouse") (1929 - 1930), V. V. Vishnevsky - "Posledniy Reshitelny" ("The Last Resolute") (1930 - 1931) with additions and author's correcting; Y. K. Olesha - "Spisok Blagodeyany" ("The List of Good Deeds") (1931) with additions and author's correcting; Y. I. Gabrilovich - "Odna Zhizn" ("One Life") by N. A. Ostrovsky's novel (1937), L. N. Seifullina - "Natasha" ("Natasha") (1937) and other; materials at arrange of performances with drafts and pictures of constructions plants (1922 - 1937); mountings, cards and lists of slides demonstrated in performances (1923 - 1937), mountings of musical and light design (1924 - 1937); the rehearsal plans, schedules, diaries and shorthand records of rehearsals and performances, reports and notes of producers on duty about realized rehearsals and performances (1922 - 1938), the lists of roles performers in performances and roles (1923 - 1938); the timekeeping of performances (1925 - 1937); the libretti, programs and posters (1922 - 1937). The album with reviews about performances of: N. N. Aseyev (1931), A. Barbusse (1927), V. A. Gilyarovsky (1925), A. V. Lunacharsky (1925 - 1931), K. Osanai (1927), N. A. Semashko (1928), K. S. Stanislavsky (1926) and other. The shorthand records of public debates and discussions of the theatre performances in the SASA General repertoire Committee, the "Batrak" ("Farm Labourer") newspaper editorial office and other organizations (1924 - 1934). The articles and reviews from Russian and foreign newspapers and magazines about the theatre performances (1922 - 1937). Materials for the theatre stagings - manuscripts of writers, composers and other: B. V. Asafyev - "O Muzyke k "Gore Umu" ("About the Music for the "Woe to Mind") (1928); V. V. Vishnevsky - certificate about origin of the "Posledniy Reshitelny" ("The Last Resolute") play and about work at its staging (1930), his letters to the Red Army friendly association, to the RAPP general secretary about the "Posledniy Reshitelny" ("The Last Resolute") play (1931), "Germaniya" ("Germany") ("Мitropa" ("Мitropa"), "Na Zapade boy" ("There Is a Battle on the West")) - play, typescript (1931); M. M. Zoschenko - "Uvazhayemy Tovarisch" ("Dear Friend") - play (1930); F. Y. Kon - speech about V. V. Mayakovsky before the "Banya" ("Bathhouse") performance (1930); V. V. Mayakovsky - "Klop" ("Bug") comedy, typescript with additions and author's correcting, the note to the "Klop" ("Bug") staging and the "Dama s Ermitazha" ("Lady from the Hermitage") poem didn't enter to the staging wording (1928 - 1929), the additions and changes in the "Banya" ("Bathhouse") text - autograph and typescript (1930); N. P. Okhlopkov - staging analysis of Ledryu's role from the "Zemlya Dybom" ("World Stood on End") S. M. Tretyakov's play (1923); V. Y. Parnakh - "Tanets "Zhirafovidny Istukan" v Spektakle "Dayosh Yevropu" ("The "Idol Likes Giraffe" Dance in the "Give Europe" Performance") (1924); I. L. Selvinsky - description of dramatis personae of the "Komandarm 2" ("The Army Commander No 2") (1929); N. M. Tarabukin - articles: "Analiz Kompozitsy na Vertikalnoy Ploskosti" ("Analysis of the Composition on the Vertical Flatness") (about "Revizor" ("The Inspector-General")) (1928), "Analiz Ritma I Kompozitsii Postanovki Vs. Meyerholda Pyesy "Posledniy Reshitelny" ("Analysis of the Rhythm and Composition of the "Last Resolute" play staging of Vs. Meyerhold") (1930), "Zritelnoye Oformleniye v GOSTIM'e" ("Visual Design in the State Meyerhold Theatre") (1931); S. M. Tretyakov - "Printsypy Tekstovoy Obrabotki Pyesy F. Martine "Noch" dlya Postanovki Yeyo v Teatre V. E. Meyerholda" ("Principles of text Treatment of the "Night" F. Martine's Play for Its Staging in the Meyerhold Theatre") (1923); N. P. Ulyanov - "O Kostyumakh k "Gore Umu" ("About Costumes for the "Woe to the Mind"") (1928); A. M. Faiko - review about the "Uchitel Bubus" ("Teacher Bubus") play maintenance (1924); V. F. Fyodorov - articles about the "Les" ("Forest") and "Uchitel Bubus" ("Teacher Bubus") performances (1925 - 1926), "Problema Klassovogo Teatra" ("Problem of the Class Theatre") and "Dayosh Yevropu" ("Give Europe") (1924); V. Y. Shebalin - music for the "Dama s Kameliyami" ("Lady with Camellias") performances (1936); V. A. Shestakov - "Oformleniye Spektaklya "Gore Umu" ("Design of the "Woe to the Mind" Performance") (1928). Materials of the dramatic laboratory: reports of the literary troupe conferences (1924 - 1933), the plan of work (1925), the correspondence with F. Krommelink, N. A. Krasheninnikov, S. D. Mstislavsky, L. V. Nikulin, G. I. Chulkov and other (1924 - 1931); the manuscripts of plays: A. N. Arbuzov - "Shestero Lyubimykh" ("Six Darlings"), P. A. Arsky - "Goryat Monastyri" ("Cloisters Are Burning"), A. Bely - "Moskva" ("Moscow"), V. F. Botsyanovsky - "Uzel (Most)" ("Knot (Bridge)"), V. V. Vishnevsky - "Konnaya Armiya" ("Mounted Army"), V. V. Kamensky - "Lyubit, Ne Lyubit" ("Loves, Doesn't Love"), N. A. Krasheninnikov - "Gorn" ("Bugle") and adaptation for stage of the "Voina I Mir" ("War and Peace") novel, O. L. Leonidov - "Chyornoye, Fioletovoye, Krasnoye" ("Black, Violet, Red"), N. N. Nikitin - "Konkurs Khitretsov" ("Contest of Cunning Ones"), N. P. Okhlopkov - "Stalnoy Put" ("Steel Way") (scenario), N. F. Pogodin - "Sneg" ("Snow"), N. P. Rossov - "Grimasy Proshlogo" ("Grimaces of the Past"), D. F. Chizhevsky - "Lobnoye Mesto" ("Frontal Place") and "Stranstvuyuschiye Entuziasty" ("Travelling Enthusiasts"), V. I. Yazvitsky - "Obrechyonnye" ("Doomed Persons") and other (1925 - 1929). Materials of the research laboratory: reports of conferences (1925 - 1936), plans of the research works (1935 - 1936), tables of the hall reactions registration (1924 - 1934), working rehearsal copies of the "Dama s Kameliyami" ("Lady with Camellias") play of A. Dumas with photographs of mise en scenes and sketches of motions (1933 - 1934), the combined record of the "33 Obmoroka" ("33 Fainting Fits") performance process (1935). Materials of the club and methodological laboratory: reports of conferences (1924 - 1925), the correspondence with institutions (1924 - 1928), plans and accounts (1925), the speech of V. E. Meyerhold about the club work, articles of the theatre workers about art and instructive work (1925 - 1930); the plays, adaptations for stage, literary mountings; S. M. Gorodetsky - for the five-year plan 4th final year credit issue (1928), B. A. Ivanter - "Kolokoltsy na Solntse" ("Bluebells on Sun") (n.d.), V. N. Yakhontov - "1905 g." ("1905") (1925). The correspondence with foreign organizations about the theatre tour abroad (1924 - 1931), the cartogram of tours in the USSR cities (1924 - 1930), the agreements with theatres (1925 - 1933), the repertoire plans of tours (1927 - 1937), the programs and posters (1924 - 1937), the articles and reviews about the theatre tours - newspaper cuttings (1923 - 1937). The correspondence with representatives of military units about the theatre patronage at the Red Army (1924 - 1937), the extract from the USSR revolutionary military Soviet order about approval of V. E. Meyerhold in the Honoured Red Army Man rank (1924), the diaries and accounts of the theatre art and agitational teams (1926 - 1935), the articles of V. E. Meyerhold about the patron work (1929 - 1934), the plans of measures (1929 - 1935), the reviews of kolkhozes chairmen about the patron performances (1930 - 1934). The programs of realization of the jubilee celebrations in honour of the 5th anniversary and 10th anniversary of the theatre, the shorthand records of solemn conferences, the congratulatory letters, telegrams, addresses (1926, 1931). The personal files of the theatre artists and producers: N. I. Bogolyubov, E. P. Garin, B. A. Ivanter, I. V. Ilyinsky, I. I. Koval - Samborsky, A. Y. Nesterov, Y. S. Nikolsky, N. P. Okhlopkov, Z. N. Raikh, Y. V. Samoilov, L. N. Sverdlin, B. M. Tenin, Y. A. Tyapkina, M. M. Shtraukh, N. V. Ekk and other 160 (1923 - 1935). Materials of the theatre colleges: the State Supreme Producer's studios (1921), the Meyerhold Free studio (1922), the State Supreme Theatre studios (1922), the Lunacharsky State Theatre Institute theatre (1922), the State experimental theatre studios (1923 - 1932), the State experimental theatre technical secondary school (1932 - 1935), the Meyerhold theatre college (1935 - 1938); the stature, regulations, orders, the Lunacharsky State Theatre Institute organization scheme, materials of the student's information office of the producer's faculty, the educational plans and programs, the reports of the pedagogic council conferences, the correspondence with the National enlightenment Committee; the records of lectures, reports and expressions of V. E. Meyerhold about the actor's work, about biomechanics, about lack of work at the students education and other. The lists and personal files of students and teachers: I. A. Aksyonov, S. M. Bondi, M. F. Gnesin, A. A. Dzhuri, S. S. Ignatov, K. A. Lokshina, N. P. Okhlopkov, I. A. Pyryev, Z. N. Raikh, L. N. Sverdlin, A. V. Fevralsky, S. M. Eisenstein, N. V. Ekk and other (1922 - 1938). Materials of the Meyerhold theatre publishing houses: the "Zhizn Iskusstva" ("Life of the Art") publishing house Moscow department; the reports of the literary and publishing commission and theatre workers conferences, the correspondence with institutions and Leningrad department of the publishing house, the lists of workers; the manuscripts: V. Y. Ardov - "Kamerny Teatr 1914 - 1924" ("The Chamber Theatre 1914 - 1924"), Y. I. Gabrilovich - "Bubus" I Put Meyerholda" ("Bubus" and Meyerhold's Way"), V. Y. Parnakh - "Aktyory Novoy Shkoly ("Bubus" o Teatre Vs. Meyerholda")" ("Actors of the New School ("Bubus" about the Meyerhold Theatre)"), A. V. Fevralsky - "Rabkory v Teatre im. Meyerholda" ("Working Reporters in the Meyerhold theatre"), V. F. Fyodorov - "Opyty Izucheniya Zritelnogo Zala" ("Tests of the Hall Study"), N. V. Ekk - "Vystupleniye Mayakovskogo v Kommunisticheskom Universitete Trudyaschikhsya Vostoka" ("Speech of Mayakovsky in the East Workers' Communist University") and other (1924 - 1925). The "Teatralny Oktyabr" ("Theatre October") publishing house: the certificate handed by the General Literature Committee with authorization of publishing house and the notification about closing of the publishing house, the orders of V. E. Meyerhold at the publishing house; the letters to the publishing house of: B. V. Asafyev, N. D. Volkov, A. A. Gvozdev, K. N. Derzhavin, V. I. Ivanov, V. G. Sakhnovsky, V. N. Solovyov and other, the manuscripts: N. D. Volkov - monograph about V. E. Meyerhold, K. N. Derzhavin - "Stranitsa iz Istorii Sovetskogo Teatralnogo Obrazovaniya" ("Page from the History of the Soviet Theatre Education"), A. D. Eikhengolts - bibliography about V. E. Meyrhold; "Afishi TIM" ("Posters of the Meyerhold Theatre") - information booklets of the Meyerhold theatre (1925 - 1928). Materials of the Meyerhold theatre Museum: instruction about the materials use order, the lists and registration books of materials, the card index of exhibits, the correspondence with institutions and persons about materials sending and exhibitions arrangement (1925 - 1938). 1922 - 1938. The orders of the board (1927 - 1935). The warrants of the USSR Arts Affairs Committee to V. E. Meyerhold on the theatre administrative and financial management (1926 - 1937). The regulations of the inner service, rehearsals and performances of the Meyerhold State theatre [1920-ies]. The resolution of the workers' common conference about the theatre work (1930); the shorthand record of the conference about the Meyerhold State theatre in the National enlightenment Committee State theatres department (1934). The shorthand record of the public debate about the "Revizor" ("The Inspector-General") performance by N. V. Gogol with speeches of A. V. Lunacharsky, V. V. Mayakovsky, A. Bely, S. M. Tretyakov and other (1927). The musical and Sound and light score of the "Vstupleniye" ("Entry") performance by Y. P. German (1933); the report of the "Les" ("Forest") performance by A. N. Ostrovsky rehearsals (1935) and the records of the "Klop" ("Bug") performance by V. V. Mayakovsky rehearsals (1936). The "Intermediya k Vypusku gos. Vnutrennego Zaima 4-go Goda Pyatiletki" ("Interlude for the Five-Year Plan 4th Year State Inner Credit Issue") of S. M. Gorodetsky with distribution of roles (1932). The program of V. E. Meyerhold's methodology study (1932). The correspondence with the USSR National Commissars Soviet, the Mosgubrabis, the VOKS, the "Inturist" ("Foreign Tourist"), the International Working Theatre Union and other about the theatre performances, about participation of the theatre and actors L. O. Arnshtam and Z. N. Raikh in the international theatre exhibitions, in work of the Working theatre of France Federation congress, about tours etc. (1922 - 1937). The congratulatory telegrams of the New Theatre artists, Y. M. Yuryev and other for the 10th anniversary of the "Les" ("Forest") performance premiere (1934). The receipt of the theatre board in receipt the pictures of costumes for the "Fore Umu" ("Wit Works Woe") A. S. Griboyedov's performance from N. P. Ulyanov (1928). The posters and programs of performances (1924 - 1936); the bulletins of performances (1933 - 1935). The articles and reviews about the Meyerhold State theatre and its performances (1922 - 1938). Materials at the building repair and guarding of the theatre property (1923 - 1932). The explanatory note about the "Fonofot" ("Fonofot") auto-sound instrument and the estimate on its purchase with the mark of V. V. Vishnevsky (1924 - 1931). Materials of the theatre museum: the reports of the museum commission conferences, materials at the audience reaction study; the letter of L. I. Zheverzheyev about S. Y. Sudeikin's sketches for the "Smert Tentazhilya" ("Death of Tentazhil") play of M. Meterlink and other (1924 - 1928). The regulations about the Alive Word Institute (1918); the program of the Working Youth Theatre with marks of V. E. Meyerhold [1920-ies]. The theses of V. V. Ignatov's report about organization the Central arena of the proletarian creative work [1920-ies]; the report of N. P. Akimov about the staging of "Gamlet" ("Hamlet") by W. Shakespeare at the Vakhtangov Theatre - typescript (1931).
Dates : 1920 - 1938 гг.
Quantity of Items : 1669
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