Fund Number : 53
Title : Bely A.
Annotation :
1855-1935. Manuskripts of A.Bely. Collections of poems : "Rossiya" (1904-1929; "Russia"), collected poems in 2 volumes (1921-1925), poems (1904-[the 1930s]); "Pervoye svidaniye" - a poem (1921; "The First Rendezvous"); novels : "Zapiski chudaka" (1919; "The Notes of Eccentric"), "Moskva" (1925-[1926]; "Moscow"), "Maski" (1930; "Masks") et al.; plays : "Peterburg" ([1924]; "Petersburg"), "Moskva" ([1930]; "Moscow"); "Veter s Kavkaza" - essays (1928; "The Wind from the Caucasus"); studies : "Dialektika ritma" (1927; "Dialectics of Rhythm"), "Masterstvo Gogolya" (1931-1932; "The Mastery of Gogol"), "Slovar rifm" (1933; " A Dictionary of Rhymes") et al.; articles, reviews, thesises and plans of lectures and reports (1904-1933); memoirs : "Na rubezhe dvukh stolety" (1929; "At the Turn of the Two Centuries"), "Nachalo veka" (1930; "The Beginning of the Century"), "Mezhdu dvukh revolyutsy" (1932-1933; "Between the Two Revolutions") et al.; the autobiography (1932), diary notes (1918-1919) et al. More than 200 manuskripts in all. Letters of A.Bely to : A.D.Bugayeva - his mother 205 (1890-1922), A.K.Voronsky (1927), A.B.Goldenveizer - a typewritten copy (1926), A.M.Kozhebatkin 36 [1910-1920], V.O.Nilender 4 (1932-1933) et al. 35 addresses in all. Letters to A.Bely by : A.Y.Adalis (n.d.), N.S.Angarsky [1930], N.Y.Bryusova (n.d.), A.K.Vinogradov (1921), M.A.Voloshin (1930), M.O.Gershenzon (n.d.), S.M.Gorodetsky 2 (1921), A.Y.Gruzinsky (1919), S.A.Yesenin (n.d.), S.A.Klychkov (1924), V.G.Lidin 4 (1921-1931), A.B.Mariyengof (n.d.), V.S.Mirolyubov (1919), O.E.Ozarovskaya (1929), P.V.Oreshin (n.d.), N.A.Pavlovich 5 (1919), B.L.Pasternak 2 (1930), P.P.Pertsov (1929), N.G.Poletayev (1919), V.P.Polonsky (1931), M.P.Rolland-Kudasheva 5 (1921), I.S.Rukavishnikov 3 (1921 and n.d.), B.A.Sadovsky (1918), P.N.Sakulin 3 (1921-1930), G.A.Sannikov (1931), M.L.Slonimsky (n.d.), S.M.Solovyev (1921), T.Tabidze 5 (1929-1931), O.D.Forsh 2 (n.d.), M.P.Chekhov (n.d.), V.Y.Shishkov 2 (1930, 1933), one letter was written together with A.N.Tolstoy; G.P.Shtorm (1921) et al. 170 correspondences in all. The diploma of A.Bely of his graduating from Moscow university (1903); posters and programs of lectures, papers and literary parties of A.Bely (1907-1922); work documents of the circle of experimental aesthetics at the publishing house "Musaget" (1910-1911); certificates and notifications of Moscow writer trade union (1918-1919); mandates, certificates, letters about the work of A.Bely in People's Commissariat of Education (1918-1921); the membership card, certificates and letters from "Dvorets iskusstv" (1919-1920; "Palace of Arts"); a letter from All-Russian poet union to A.Bely about his election by the honorary member of the union (1925); the will of A.Bely (1928). Articles and notes about A.Bely - cuttings from the newspapers (1909-1934), letters of the readers about the narrative "Kotik Letayev" (1916). Photographs of A.Bely, individual and in the groups with T.Tabidze, P.Yashvili et al. 9 ([1906]-1934); portraits of A.Bely of the work of O.D.Forsh - a photocopy from the drawings [the 1920s- the 1930s]. The manuskript of N.V.Bugayev (a mathematician, A.Bely's father) "Sistematicheskiye funktsii vsekh pervykh chisel" (n.d.; "Systematic Functions of All First Numbers"). Letters to A.D.Bugayeva from: N.V.Bugayev 4 (1898-1901) and V.I.Taneyev (1885). 1919-1934. "Rakkurs k dnevniku" - the material for the biography during 1899-1930 ([1930]; "The Raccourci to The Diary"); articles : "Dusha oshchushchayushchaya i rassuzhdayushchaya v svete dushi samosoznayushchey" ("The Feelling and Reasoning Soul in the Light of the Soul Being Aware of Itself"), "Kak ya pishu" ("How I Write") - typewritten [the 1920s -the 1930s], "Pochemu ya stal simvolistom i ne perestayu im byt vo vsekh fazakh moyego ideynogo i khudozhestvennogo razvitiya" - an autobiographical essay (1928; "Why I've Become a Simbolist and Don't Stop Being Him in All Phases of My Idea and Artistic Development"), "Tema v variatsiyakh" - a study - typewritten ([the 1920s]; "Theme in Variations); letters and applications to : R.V.Ivanov-Razumnik - a typewritten copy (1926), A.M.Gorky, to OGPU (Joint State Political Directorate) (1931); the will of A.Bely - a typewritten copy (1928); articles of L.B.Kamenev about A.Bely (1933, 1934) et all.
Dates : 1855 - 1935 гг.
Quantity of Items : 489