Fund Number : 3
Title : Arkhangelsky A. G.
Annotation :
Manuscripts of A. G. Arkhangelsky. Poems, scetches and joke-parodies of N. N. Aseyev, D. Bedny, V. V. Veresayev, А. А. Zharov, Е. D. Zozulya, V. M. Inber and others; slogans, dedicated to the International day of female workers and collective farm movement (poems); a film comedy "Fiktsiya-Faktsiya" and others (1913 - 1937). 154 man. In all. Note books of A. G. Arkhangelsky with autographs of V. I. Lebedev-Kumach, A. S. Neverov and others 3 (1922 - 1932). Letters to A. G. Arkhangelsky from: А. А. Akhmatova 2 (1910), А. К. Vinogradov (1930),S. M. Gorodetsky 2 (1930), M. V. Isakovsky (1936), M. Ya. Pustinin 8 (1924 - 1934) and others. 72 corr. In all. Biography documents of A. G. Arkhangelsky (1911 - 1937). An album "A. G. Arkhangelsky", formed by A. E. Kruchyonih. A manuckript of A. G. Arkhangelsky "Yevgeny Onegin v Moskve" ("Eugeny Onegin in Moscow") (in coauthorship with M. Ya Pustinin) - a parody, extracts (n. d.); joke notes of A. G. Arkhangelsky, A. E. Kruchyonih , M. Ya Pustinin (1935 - 1945); photographs of A. G. Arkhangelsky individually and in groups with I. A. Ilf, Kukriniksi, Е. P. Petrov 4 (1934 and n. d.); parodies, epigrams of A. G. Arkhangelskycaricatures onto him - newspaper and magazine cuttings (1922 - 1931). Manuscripts that were sent in the magazine "Lapot" ("A bast shoe") (1923 - 1933).
Dates : 1907 - 1945 гг.
Quantity of Items : 143