Mashkov Ilya Ivanovich

Name/Title : Mashkov Ilya Ivanovich
Years : р.1881
Biography :
He was born on July 17, 1881 in Mihaylovskaya Cossack village of the Don Army area in the family of a peasant of outskirts of Arkhangelsk in the Pronsky district of the Ryazan province . In 1892 after finishing the parish schools of Sychev farm of Mihaylovskaya Cossack village he was given for work to Borisoglebsk of the Tambov province as Mashkovy’s family was poor and had many children. From 12 to 18 years old (utill February, 1900) I.I. Mashkov was a worker. On August 31, 1900 he passed an entrance examinations in the Painting Sculpture and Architecture College. He graduated from College having the two silver medals and a rank of the class artist. Being the student he started to act as pedagog. His studio existed till September 1917 and was considered as one of the best in College. In 1917 he was invited by professors Council of MUZHVZ to the reform commission of College. In February 1918 he was appointed by Narkompros into members of board IZO and in June 1918 he was appointed as the representative for the reform of MUZHVZ. In September, 1918 he was elected as the Professor of painting faculty. Besides I.I. Mashkov was the founder of the society “Bubnovy knave“, he was a member of the Moscow Society of arts lovers; a member of the free (?) aesthetics society in Moscow; a member of Literary Art Club; the “World of art”, the Moscow Art Society, a member of the London Artists Society, a member of “International Parisian Salon”; a member of AKHRR, a member and the organizer of trade union IZO at RABIS, a member of the Moscow commission on improvement of scientists life (MKUBU), a member of the Russian academy of art sciences (RAKHN). I.I. Mashkov took part in exhibitions in Russia (Moscow, Petersburg, Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev, Tomsk and others) and abroad (London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Riga, New York and others). More than 350 I.I. Mashkov's pictures were in galleries: GTG, Russian museum. He studied the fine arts in Greece, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, France, Austria-Hungary and Switzerland. (Data for April 1925)