Malyutin Sergey Vasilyevich

Name/Title : Malyutin Sergey Vasilyevich
Years : 1859 - 1937
Biography :
artist, illustrator, author of architectural projects; author of the decorative arts works. He was born in Moscow on September 22, 1859 in family of a merchant Vasily Yepifanovich Malyutin. He studied in a grammar school. In 1883 he entered to the Moscow Painting Sculpture and Architecture College. He finished a course in 1886. Since 1887 he was honourable citizen of Moscow. Until 1900 he was engaged in teaching of drawing and painting in Elizavetinsky’s institute and conducted private lessons at G.A. Krestovnikov. In parallel he was engaged in painting, he illustrated A.S. Pushkin's fairy tales and the fables: the “Fairy tale about tsar Saltan”, the “Fairy tale about the fisherman and fishling”, the “Fairy tale about the sleeping tsarevna and seven bogatyrs”, the “Fairy tale about Gold rooster “, Ruslan and Lyudmila”, “Song about prophetic Oleg”. He has designed children's books: “Ay, du-du”, Russian folk songs (Publishing house of VTsIK, 1919) “Small town”, “In the kingdom of sleep” (Publishing house of A.I. Mamontov). He made drawings of furniture in Russian style. He made the sketches of scenery for “Russian opera” of S.I. Mamontov. He made a panel for the All-Russia exhibition in Nizhni Novgorod. He conducted works under M.A. Vrubel's recommendation at princess Tenisheva in Smolensk province in village Talashkino, in village Flenovo he constructed church and the house - a reading room. In Smolensk he organized a museum for the subjects made in studio. Since September 1903 he was assigned to a post of the teacher of a portrait -genre class in MUZHVZ (Moscow Painting Sculpture and Architecture College) according to the election of College Council, in this post he consisted before revolution in 1917. Since 1903 he participated in exhibitions of the Russian Artists Union. From 1905 to 1906 he constructed Pertseva’s profitable house on the Christ - Saviour temple embankment. In 1912 he received a rank of academician. Since 1912 he participated in mobile exhibitions of Society for Travelling Art Exhibitions. From 1919 to 1920 he was a member of the All-Russia board or the commission of branch of the fine arts “IZO”. In 1912 he began to paint gallery of portraits of the notable contemporaries. He painted V.V. Perepletchikov, M.V. Nesterov, V.N. Baksheyev, S.D. Miloradovich, A.M. Vasnetsov, S.A. Vinogradov, K.F. Yuona, V. Bryusov, V.V. Veresayev, V.A. Gilyarovsky's portraits and others. He equipped and opened the woodcutter-joiner's studio in Z.G. Morozova’s village Rubtsovo. He participated in exhibitions abroad. IХ exhibition of paintings of SRKH (Russian Artists Union) 4 pictures + 5 sketches of scenery to an opera “Askold’s tomb” + pencil sketches (so in the catalogue) ХVI exhibition of paintings of SRKH: 20 pictures Of 36; member of the OKHR; Member of AKHRR (The Revolutionary Artists Association of Russia)