Levitan Isaak Ilyich

Name/Title : Levitan Isaak Ilyich
Years : 1861 - 1900
Biography :
artist, landscape painter, teacher. He was born on August 18 (30), 1860 in the village of Kibalta near Verzhbolovo of Suvalkskaya province (gubernya) in family of the railway employee. From 1873 to 1883 he studied in the Moscow Painting Sculpture and Architecture College at V.G. Perov, A.K. Savrasov, V.D. Polenov. From 1884 to 1885 he was registered as pupil of school, but he did not visit the lessons. For years of study he was awarded with three small silver medals. In 1886 he received a rank of no class (free) artist. From 1881to 1882 he gave individual lessons of drawing and painting, carried out figures and lithographs for magazines “Moscow”, “Rainbow”, “Wave”. From 1884 to 1886 he took part in work of the decoration studio of Private Russian S.I. Mamontov's opera. From 1898 to 1899 he made a part of illustrations for A.S. Pushkin's three-volume collected works (М., A.I. Mamonov's Printing house, 1899). He taught painting in «classes of fine arts», organized in Moscow by A.O. Gunst (1886). From 1898 to 1900 he supervised over the Landscape class in Moscow Painting Sculpture and Architecture College. In 1898 he received a rank of academician. Annually, for work, he went to Moscow suburbs, to the middle regions of Russia, to the Volga region, some times he was in Crimea. He went abroad: in 1890 he was in Berlin, Paris, Nice, Venice, Florence and others; in 1894 - in Vienna, in Nice, on lake Como, in Paris; in 1896 - in Finland, in 1897 in Vienna, in Northern Italy, in Genoa; he visited resort Nowgame in Germany. In 1898 he was in Nowgame, Munich and in Paris. From 1886 to 1890 he was participant of art club “Wednesday” (Shmarovin’s wednesdays). Since 1888 he was a member of the Moscow Arts lovers Society. Since 1891 - member of committee MOLKH; he was selected a member of the commission of premiums of MOLKH (Moscow Arts lovers Society). In 1891 he entered to Society for Traveling Art Exhibitions. Since 1897 he was the full member of a Munich "Secession" art society. He died on July 22 (on August, 4) 1900 in Moscow. Exhibitions: MUZHVZ (Moscow Painting Sculpture and Architecture College) 1877-6th MUZHVZ 1883 12th TPKHV (Society for Traveling Art Exhibitions) 1884-1885 - 28th TPKHV 1900-1901 (with breaks) 7th MOLKH (Moscow Arts lovers Society) 1887-1888 - 19th MOLKH 1899-1900 1893 Chicago 1896 Nizhni Novgorod Munich "Secession" 1896-Munich "Secession" 1899 1898 Saint Petersburg «The world of art» 1899 1900 Paris «The world of art» 1900