Bogayevsky Konstantin Fyodorovich

Name/Title : Bogayevsky Konstantin Fyodorovich
Years : 1872 - 1943
Biography :
Bogayevsky Konstantin Fyodorovich - a painter, a landscape painter, a graphic artist. He was born on January, 12 (24), 1872 in family of a white-collar worker of the local municipal government. He has ended the Feodosiya classical grammar school, studied in drawing at A.I. Fessler and I.K. Ayvazovsky. In 1891 he has arrived in the Petersburg Academy of Arts which he has ended on November, 4, 1897; he has received a rank of the artist for a landscape «On Mountains». In 1898 together with A.I. Kuyindzhi at which he was the pupil since 1895, he has made trip abroad: to Germany, France, Austria. Having returned, he has lodged in Feodosiya, and December, 1908 he has undertaken new travel - across Italy, Greece and Germany. In exhibitions he participated since 1897. He was a member and an exhibitor of "the World of art”, “Artists New Association”, the Union of the Soviet artists, Society of artists "Fire-color", “Company of southern-Russian artists”, “Society named by Kuyindgy”, the Union of Russian artists, “Autumn salon” in Paris, "Secession" in Munich. In 1914 he has been called up for military service, served in the working company near Sevastopol. With the beginning of civil war he has returned to Feodosiya, he participated in creation of Feodosiya school for training artists, he painted the club and the theatre for Feodosiya military command courses. In 1923 he has written 4 panels for the All-Union agricultural exhibition in Moscow. In 1924 on behalf of the Society of protection of art monuments and olden time he has made sketches of the ancient monuments which are taking place in territory of Crimea, he has created about 200 water colors and drawings which are in the Crimean museums. In 1931 under the invitation of the Dnieper construction museum he participated in scientific and art expedition on Dnieper rapids, he wrote etudes of districts which have been flooded with the ending of construction of Dnieper dam. Together with a brigade of the Union of artists he participated in creation of the Dnieper construction diopama (Dneproctroy). In the autumn of 1931 he went in Baku on oil fields, he has created 45 etudes from a nature, he has formed oilmen club in Baku, then he worked in Donbass and Mariupol. In a result of these trips the pictures there have been written which have brought to Bogayevsky the popularity as one of the first founders of an industrial landscape. The basic place in creativity by Bogayevsky was occupied with a heroic and romantic landscape in which the reality of a landscape of east Crimea was kept. In 1933 the rank of the Honoured worker of arts has been given to Bogayevsky. The works of Bogayevsky are available in picture galleries and museums of Russia, Ukraine and in private assemblies of France, Germany and other countries. Bogayevsky has perished on February, 17, 1943 in Feodosiya during bombardment. Portraits of Bogayevsky are written by N.P. Ulyanov (1912), N.I. Hrustachev (1923), M.A. Sharonov (1924), A.P. Ostroumova-Lebedeva (1924), V.A. Kuznetsov (1930), N.S. Barsamov (1940).